2019 OBSF Presidents Message

26 Feb 2019

Presidents Message

Saturday, 9 February 2019

This is by way of an end of year message for all members in the Oceania region. By now I am sure you know the 2019 Oceania Billiards & Snooker Championships will be split up between New Zealand and Australia. New Zealand will be hosting the U/21 Snooker from 17th to 19th February followed by the U/21 Trans Tasman U/21 Test match on the 20th February. The inaugural Oceania Masters will follow the U/21's commencing on the 21st Feb to the 23rd. Australia will then host the Women's, 6 Red and finally the Open from March 9th to the 17th and Mount Pritchard Community Club, Mt Pritchard, NSW.

Furthermore it is highly likely that there will be 4 NZ female players contesting the Women's Championship so there is a strong likelihood that we will also host a Trans-Tasman Test for the Women.

This was for many years an annual event but in recent times not been able to be held during to player numbers. So we are hopeful this can be contested once again, and who knows continued as an annual event in the future.

This year has been a difficult one regarding our state of finances. I am yet to secure a sponsorship agreement with Shender and hope to have some good news on our proposal to them by the end of March.

If Oceania is to survive as a Region then we must look at other countries with the hope of affiliating them with the OBSF. We are currently looking at Samoa and Vanuatu but would consider any recommendation for any country within the Oceania region to join us.

As you might be aware also this year the main competition which carries a WPBSA Main Tour card for 2 years will be open to the winner of the Open and we possibly may have a spot in the Sangsom 6 Red in Thailand for the winner of our 6 Red championships.

This year has been somewhat a learning exercise for me particularly dealing with issues between the IBSF and WPBSA. It has been a rocky road to say the least but hopefully common sense will prevail and both bodies will decide to work together for the sake of our sport.

Before closing I would like to thank all the sponsors Shender, Strachan 6811, Aramith, CL&S. Mounties, and the Commercial Club Albury. The Referees for their tireless contribution to our sport without whom our sport would be the poorer, and finally the all those people who give so generously of their time to ensure our players get opportunities to play our great sport both domestically and internationally.

I would also like to thank Barrie Jones, our immediate past president for his long standing commitment to our sport and I am sure we all wish him a speedy recovery with his health issues.

Hope to see you all at Mounties in March.

Kind regards,

Frank Dewens

Acting President OBSF