2019 Minutes of AGM

1 Apr 2019


19:20 Monday March 11th

Mt Pritchard Community Club

101 Meadows Road Mt Pritchard


President Frank Dewens extended a welcome to the delegates and observers who may be admitted by the Council.


David Waller, Dan O'Sullivan, Dave Judd, Paul Cosgriff, Frank Dewens (President), Lyndon Parnell (Secretary)

Observers: Roger Davey, Praveen Chandra

The President declared a quorum was present and the meeting commenced at 19:20.

It was noted that Fiji was not a financial member at the time of the AGM.


There were no apologies however the President advised that John Chan (Papua New Guinea) had relinquished his position.

4.Adoption of the Minutes of the previous General Meeting.

Moved: Dan O'Sullivan, Seconded Paul Cosgriff that the Minutes be received as a true and correct record of the meeting.

Carried unanimously

5.Matters arising from the Minutes

The President accepted questions from Australia as follows:

(Q i) Sponsorship: Could the President please confirm whether the laptop provided by Barrie Jones contained all the sponsorship contracts details? If not, could the President provide a report on the sponsorship contracts that exists and the terms of those contracts?

A. The President advised that he had indeed accessed the laptop and has subsequently amalgamated all sponsorship under the Consolidated Leisure & Sport (CLS) umbrella with the consent of all existing sponsors. The President is continuing to pursue a sponsorship agreement with Shender.

(Q ii) Social Media Policy: Has the Secretary drafted a Social Media Policy for the OBSF?

A. The meeting agreed to use the ABSC Media Policy template which will be distributed by the end of March 2019.

(Q iii)Samoan Players: Could the President provide an update on the recent initiatives taken to establish a Samoan Players Federation based loosely in Australia and New Zealand to establish expatriate Samoans to be represented as part of Oceania.

A. Dan O'Sullivan is working with Samoan players in New Zealand. OBSF has provided Samoan with a Constitution template for their consideration.

(Q iv) President's Report – New Zealand and the WSF. Could the New Zealand delegates advise if the New Zealand Association proposes to join the WSF, particularly as the OBSF has now joined the WSF.

A. New Zealand delegates advised that due to a lack of information New Zealand would not join the WSF at this time.

(Q v) Treasurer's Report and Audited Accounts:

A. Please see attached report.

(Q vi) Item 7 – Secretary's Report – Insurance: Can the Secretary or the President report on the status of insurance for the OBSF and in particular for events conducted by the OBSF.

A. The OBSF is a named insured under the insurance policy arranged for the ABSC. There is no insurance cover required for events conducted by the OBSF as OBSF does not conduct any events.

(Q vii) Item 8 – Report from Organiser's Current Tournament: Could the Executive confirm that player's delegates were nominated and advertised for player's feedback and concerns for both tournaments being conducted in New Zealand and the tournaments being conducted in Australia.

A. Not for the Women's but Kurt Dunham was for the Open.

(Q viii) Has further consideration been given to amending the constitution (to) admit a Player's Delegate as a member of the Executive?

A. No.

(Q ix) Could the Executive advise what steps have been taken to improve the OBSF website and to use the news feed more extensively.

A. OBSF is awaiting the new ABSC website which will provide a template for the updated OBSF website.

(Q x) In the context of a split program in 2019 can the Executive report on whether they consider this process was appropriate and successful.

A. The Executive concluded the process to be appropriate and reasonably successful given concerns around limited sponsorship achieved. It was agreed that the Women's and U 21will be held in New Zealand with the Masters to be held in Australia. Specific venues are yet to be decided.

(Q xi) Item 13 – Oceania Academy: Could the delegates advise that South Australia is presently exploring funding for the Academy and looking to understand how similar academies work in other parts of the world. A proposal to the OBSF Executive will be submitted over the coming months.

A. Taken on notice as a work in progress. OBSF is seeking funding and / or sponsorship opportunities.

(Q xii) Item 14 - Could the President provide an update on the current position on respect regional sponsors.

A. Please see answer to Q i above.

(Q xiii) Item 15 Can the Executive advise whether consideration is being given to creating subcommittees as raised on the last occasion?

A. The Executive has considered this issue and determined it is not practical to have sub committees at this time. However it was agreed that more communication is necessary and Tele Conferences will be arranged as required.

(Q xiv) Profit and Loss for the 12 Months Ending 31 December 2018. Could the Treasurer provide the following details:

(a)What was the source of sponsorship in 2018?

(b)Can a breakdown be given of the accommodation, airfares and travel expenses discriminating between Members of the Executive and other persons?

(c)Can a breakdown be given of the monies identified as Players Support / World Titles, i.e. who was paid and how much?

(d) Could the Treasurer provide or indicate when a budget for the 2019 year will be available given that OBSF has traded at a loss for the previous 2 years.

A.Please see attached Report. In respect to (d) above the Treasurer was not in attendance and the President has taken the question on notice.

(Q xv) Report on the 2019 Under 21's and Master' Snooker Can the President confirm who paid for the costs incurred in changing flights for Alex & Denzel?

In the circumstances where an administrative change was made by the host country that caused player expense will New Zealand be reimbursing those expenses – either directly to the players or indirectly to whomever has reimbursed them to date?

A.The parents of Alex & Denzel paid. There was no cost to New Zealand or Oceania. New Zealand will not be reimbursing any expenses either directly or indirectly to anyone.

(Qxvi) Notes to the Accounts

Can the President confirm if steps are being taken to sell the 3 Shender tables, the Toshiba laptop and Scoreboards to Snooker SA.

The President stated he did not want to sell the tables until he was sure that Shender was no longer a sponsor. The Toshiba laptop is worthless as it is 10 years old and the scoreboards are obsolete as they have been replaced by wireless models.

Moved Paul Cosgriff seconded Dave Judd that the matters arising from the minutes be received and the answers to questions received from Australia be noted in the Minutes.

Carried: unanimously.

At 19:50 It was moved Dan O'Sullivan seconded Dave Judd that the meeting be adjourned to allow President Frank Dewens to present the Women's Snooker Championship Prize.

The Meeting resumed at 18:10 with all present.

6.President's Report

The President's Report was tabled (See attached Report)

Moved: Paul Cosgriff seconded Dan O'Sullivan the Report be received.

Carried: unanimously.

7.Secretary's Report

The Secretary's Report was tabled (See attached Report)

Moved: Paul Cosgriff seconded Dan O'Sullivan the Report be received.

Carried: unanimously.

8.Treasurers Report & Statement of Accounts for the year

The Treasurers Report & Statement of Accounts for the year were tabled (See attached Report)

After discussion it was agreed that the Asset Schedule needed to be updated and revised. The 10 year old laptop has no value, and the hard wired scoreboards are obsolete with little or no value.

Moved: Paul Cosgriff seconded Dave Judd the Treasurer's Report be received and adopted.

Carried: unanimously.

9.Verbal Reports from the organisers of the current year's Tournaments and Championships were provided to the meeting.

Moved: Paul Cosgriff seconded Dave Judd the Reports be received.

Carried: unanimously.

10. Election of Officers

In accordance with item 11.3.1 of the Oceania Billiards & Snooker Association Constitution and By-Laws the following nominations were received which have been duly proposed and seconded on letterhead paper and duly signed by the authorised person. All positions are for a two year term.

President: Frank Dewens

Vice President: Dan O'Sullivan

Secretary: Lyndon Parnell

Treasurer: Adam Wyard

Board Member: Dave Judd

Board Member: No Nomination

Moved: Paul Cosgriff seconded Dan O'Sullivan that there being no other nominations received in accordance with the Constitution the above nominations be duly elected:

Carried: unanimously.

  • 11. Consideration of election of a Life Member

The Constitution does not allow for individual Life Members.

Moved: Paul Cosgriff seconded Dan O'Sullivan; that this item not be included in any future agenda.

Carried: unanimously.

  • 12.Notice of Motions
  • No notice of motion were received
  • 13.Determine the Championship programme and venues.

Moved: Paul Cosgriff seconded Dan O'Sullivan; that Australia will host 6 Red,

Masters, and open snooker.

NZ will host u21's, women's & billiards. Venues to be decided and agreed.

Carried: unanimously.

14. General Business

Moved: Paul Cosgriff seconded Dan O'Sullivan; That players will provide a

copy of their passport upon registration for an Oceania authorised event and

Therefore represent their Country not their State.

Carried: unanimously.

There being no further business the President declared the meeting closed at 21:45 and thanked

everyone for their contributions.