Oceania Championship Dates

1 Nov 2015

The dates of the individual events at the 2016 Oceania Billiards and Snooker Championships have been announced. These will be held at Mounties, 101 Meadows Rd, Mt Pritchard NSW.

The dates of the events are as follows:

Billiards:Thu 25 Feb - Sun 28 Feb
Under 21:Thu 25 Feb - Sun 28 Feb
Men 6 Red:Sun 28 Feb - Tue 1 Mar
Women 6 Red:Mon 29 Feb - Wed 2 Mar
Men Snooker:Tue 1 Mar - Sat 5 Mar
Women Snooker: Wed 2 Mar - Sat 5 Mar

6 Red matches on 28 Feb will be aimed towards players not participating in the Semi Finals of Billiards or Under 21 Championships. Unfortunately it will not be possible for players to participate in both the Under 21 and Billiards events.

6 Red Semis & Final will be played in the evening session of the respective days. Depending on the final number of entries, it is expected that a free evening from the Snooker round robins will be scheduled.

Entry forms for all events will be available shortly.