Oceania in the IBSF World Championships

31 Dec 2016

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank those Referees who have represented Oceania at IBSF World Championships around the world in 2016.

These people get themselves to the event whenever it might be hosted where they are provided a twin shared accommodation with breakfast and one other meal and supported by the IBSF with a mere US$200 to offset their flights. They work on a rotation system from morning through to evenings and with nothing else provided except a pair of 6811 gloves.

These people are the dedicated members of are fraternity who perform a service to the sport without any trophies or winners cheques to look forward to, but do so because they love the sport.

We do not always appreciate what they do for our sport but without them our sport would not be the same.

In 2016 we have 5 Referees who have distinguished themselves by representing Oceania at the IBSF Championships and I hope you will all thank them personally for their contribution when next you see them.

From Australia we have:

Kim Ivett who went to Belgium and refereed at the IBSF U18 & U21 Championships.

We also have Peggy Lee who refereed:

  • Egypt at the IBSF Team & 6 Red
  • Qatar at the IBSF Men, Women & Masters
  • Bangalore at the IBSF Long Up and 150Up World Billiards.

  • From New Zealand we have Cliff Hazelton as an Assessor and Dan O’Sullivan and Andrew Weatherly in Qatar at the IBSF Men, Women & Masters.

    To each and every one of these Referees I wish to acknowledge their contribution to our sport on the world scene and hope they can continue to support Oceania, and our great sport in the future.

    There may be others in the future who would like to put up their hands to referee at an IBSF Championship and the benchmark is set high by these Referees, as when they go to an IBSF event they are how others from around the world see our region and the standard of our Referees. I am honoured to say that all these Referees do us proud.

    I hope they can all make it to the Oceania Championships at the Commercial Club in Albury 8th – 18th March 2017.