Press release from the OBSF

12 Mar 2018

OBSF AGM Press Release

The AGM was held at Mounties Club, Sydney NSW on 10 March 2018 over 31/2 hours. The minutes will be published in due course but key outcomes included:-

  • 1.Several casual vacancies were filled. Lyndon Parnell was elected unopposed as Secretary. The Executive appointed Frank Dewens as President. He retired as Treasurer and the Executive appointed Adam Wyard as Treasurer. These three positions will up for election at the next AGM.
  • 2.The extensive changes to the Constitution were approved. One of the main changes arising is that all individual members of the various national bodies are now affiliate members of the OBSF.
  • 3.Affiliate members are:-
  • not entitled to vote at any General Meeting;
  • entitled to notice, via the Member that they are a member of, of any General Meeting;
  • entitled to attend at any General Meeting;
  • entitled to seek permission to speak on any motion to be considered at a General Meeting. Permission to speak will not be unreasonably withheld. The Chairman may limit the time allowed for Ordinary Members to speak to any motion to a reasonable time having regard to the circumstances of the meeting;
  • subject to any policies and by-laws imposed from time to time by the Executive;
  • subject to disciplinary procedures.
    • 4.Noted the ABSC's rejection of the recent IBSF statement concerning its membership of the WSF. The Executive will explore the possibility of the OBSF acting as a facilitator between the IBSF and the WPBSA.
    • 5.The present Championships are expected to break even or run as a small profit.